Friday, July 18, 2008

Barack Obama: America's Smiling Stalin?

The newest blogger on NobamaMission Bloggers is: This is a little-known blog that is often one of the best going. Its author is Pat Hickey, of Chicago, Illinois.

Pat writes a lot about the dark side of Chicago politics (hint, hint). He also writes about the classic Chicagoans, ones who spend 40 hours a week (more or less) at work, then 40 hours at the local pubs (mostly near Wrigley Field it seems). Another 40 hours are spent getting chewed out by the spouse. Pat writes about Chicago writers (many of them patrons of the aforementioned pubs), who are not cited much by the national press because they, well, "dislike Barack."

Pat Hickey is a keeper. He writes in the Jimmy Breslin tradition.

On his July 19 blog post, he has information about Obama's "National Security Force," which should serve to keep people like Hillary backers and Republicans in line. Pat is not making this stuff up. He also has a great picture of Obama (see above) dressed in something that looks like one of Joseph Stalin's own military outfits. In keeping with Irish tradition, Pat is not restrained when it comes to free speech.

The point of the spear in the battle against Obama is the following site: It has great news and greater opinion pieces. If you want to join the fight to keep Barack in his Stalin outfit -- and out of the White House -- please join Clintons for McCain. If you're a blogger, please e-mail me at: to join NoBama Mission Bloggers.

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pathickey said...

Wrigley???? Dr. Maloney, my honored friend, Wrigley Field is the home of the Doormats of Baseball and scions of the Ku Klux Klan backer PK Wrigley.

My pithy yarns tend to be confined to the South Side of Chicago in the shadows of Comiskey Park ( US Cellular Field to heretics) where working people are treated to amazingly consistant play of Blue Collar Values Lads like Hermaine Dye, Paul Konerko, Bobby Jenks, and Joe Crede.

Thank you for the very kind thoughts, my friend!

God Bless the Work and All Here!