Monday, October 29, 2007

Sarah Palin. Track Palin, Heather Wilson, & William Russell: Brothers and Sisters Under the Skin


On September 11, 2001, Lt. Col. William Trower Russell and his wife, Kasia, were in the Pentagon when the structure was attacked by fanatical terrorists. On September 11, 2007, Track Palin, 18-year-old son of Alaska Governor Sarah Heath Palin, enlisted in the U.S. Army -- and is now (along with his friend John Bates) training for the infantry. Throughout the 21st century, Rep. Heather Wilson has been one of the strongest supporters of the U.S. military in its War on Terrorism.

Sarah is in Alaska's capital of Juneau, Alaska. Track is at Ft. Benning, Georgia. William Russell is in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, where he's preparing to run against -- and to defeat -- 17-term congressman John Murtha. Congresswoman Heather Wilson -- an Air Force veteran and Rhodes Scholar -- from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is serving her constituents and country in Washington, DC.

Geographically, these people are far apart, but spiritually they're very close together, "brothers and sisters under the skin." Track Palin is one of very few offspring of high-ranking governmnet officials who's in the military. Heather Wilson is the first female veteran elected to Congress. William Russell is one of the first veterans of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom to run for Congress.

These are the kind of tough, courageous, patriotic people this country absolutely needs to represent us at the state and federal levels. When Sarah Palin's son enlisted in the Army, she said to him and his enlistee friend that their friends and their families "had their backs.'

It's time for all of us who love this country to "have the backs of these candidates." Sarah Palin has a chance to become -- in 2012 or 2016 -- the first female President of the United States. Heather Wilson is the favorite to become the first female U.S. Senator from New Mexico -- and is herself a potential vice-president or President of this nation. William Russell is a candidate who might end the long -- and thoroughly dismal -- reign of John Murtha, "The Prince of Pork."

In Russell's case, he knows that the lobbyists Murtha has served -- and enriched -- will pour millions of dollars into his political coffers. But William also knows that, in politics, sometimes enough is enough. "Murtha's millionaires" have a lot of money, but very few of them are people who live in the 12th Congressional District. Instead, they reside mainly in mansions in suburban Maryland and Virginia.

In a previous column, I cited an exchange Sarah Palin had with the Anchorage Daily News:

ADN: "But I think you are also talking about the activities in the gray area -- the business relationships with, you know, a senator or congressman or a state legislator. Between someone with interests in the public process and the people running the public process." [Note: The ADN is asking if it isn't somehow okay to cut moral corners]

SARAH PALIN: "Right. Well, that's why I think we need more real and normal and hardworking and blue-collar Alaskans to want to run for office and serve in these positions that are making decisions. Again, I will personalize this. I am not from that other world. My dad as a school teacher wasn't a mover and shaker developer making big bucks in the state of Alaska off of property development. My husband [a commercial fisherman and oil field worker] isn't that way. I am not raising my kids to be that way.... If you want to be in public service, it is being willing to serve Alaskans for the right reasons. It is having to have a servant's heart when you come into these positions. It's not to get rich."

In fact, those "normal and hardworking and blue-collar" people include Sarah herself, Heather Wilson, and William Russell. (Note: also included among them is staunchly pro-military Melissa Hart of PA's 4th congressional district.)

As Americans, we all need to decide who we want representing us. If we want deal-makers whose votes basically go the highest-bidder, we'll select people like John Murtha. If we want people who, in Sarah's words, "have a servant's heart," then we'll support -- with our votes, our public advocacy, and our contributions -- individuals like Sarah, Heather, and William.

In politics, we get the representation we deserve. Clearly, we deserve better than a consummate deal-maker like John Murtha. In fact, Murtha is a symbol of everything that's wrong with America -- and William and his family of everything that's right. The best way to support our troops is to back Lt. Col. William Trower Russell

William T Russell
PO BOX 630
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15907 (Web site, please visit) (E-mail)
(814) 248-3435

NOTE TO SARAH HEATH PALIN: I appeal directly to you to do the following: (1) Bring William Russell's candidacy to the attention of your supporters (especially your contributors); (2) Let the members of the Republican Governor's Association know that William is running against John Murtha, and that he intends to win. As you're aware, the early stages of a campaign are the most important. William Russell intends to do to Murtha exactly what you did to Murkowski and Knowles. (For those who aren't fully aware of Sarah's history, she defeated in the primary incumbent Republican Governor Frank Murkowski and in the general election won against former Democratic Governor Tony Knowles.)

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