Friday, October 5, 2007

Heather A. Wilson on Sen. Pete Domenici

About: U.S. Senator Pete Domenici
October 04, 2007

Letter from Heather Wilson on Senator Pete Domenici:

Dear Friends,

Pete Domenici has stood for New Mexico for nearly thirty-five years in the United States Senate. His retirement will be a tremendous loss to the state and the nation. His legacy is remarkable. Pete Domenici established the Wilderness Area on Sandia Mountain. He drove the Balanced Budget Act that led the country to balance the budget for the first time in thirty years in 1998, 1999, and 2000 – paying off $450 billion in publicly held debt. He was the engine behind the 2005 Energy Bill that is already helping America to be more energy independent and he has been honored internationally for his work preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He has protected New Mexico’s contribution to national defense through our labs and military bases and led the nation and the Congress to believe that diseases of the brain should be covered by insurance. In big ways and small, he has always fought for New Mexico and given New Mexico his best effort through long years of public service. His abiding love for our state and desire to do what is best for New Mexicans is evident in everything he does, including his difficult decision to retire. More personally, Pete Domenici has been a mentor and an inspiration to me. I will treasure the last fifteen months of our service together in the Congress. I have been blessed to have had Pete Domenici – one of the great men of all time in the United States Senate -- as a guide in my own public service. I will be forever grateful for his support, his counsel, and his friendship.”

-- Heather A. Wilson

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