Monday, August 20, 2007

Michigan Moves Up: Will There Be a Primary Next Week?

Stephen R. Maloney says... This situation (see below in italics) will change many things. Part of this is an effort by Mitt Romney (who's really from MI and has his national HQ there) to get a good start. Rudy is nipping at his heels in MI and there are some complicated factors going on (i.e., trying to get Rudy to spend money where he would prefer not to). The current primary schedule, with pro-Rudy Florida holding its primary on Jan. 29 and a lot of other pro-Rudy big states (New York, New Jersey, California) set to hold primaries on Feb. 5, strongly favored Giuliani. Seethe end of this piece for the Sarah Palin implications.

I found the following on

Michigan to Hold Primary on 1/15/[2008]

“Michigan blows up the calendar” is the headline on Jonathan Martin’s blog over at the Politico, and that’s about the long and the short of it. Just when IA, NH, and SC thought they had everything worked out for a nice day swimming at the pool, both the Republican and Democrat parties of Michigan had to go and cannonball into the deep end and upset the water.

Both parties have agreed to hold primaries on January 15th, provided they can get the appropriate legislation through the MI state legislature. According to Martin, it’s “all but a done deal and is now just a matter of when the legislature moves the bill making it so.”

This will put additional pressure on Iowa to hold their caucuses in 2007, something Governor Culver has said he does not want to happen

Stephen R. Maloney adds: The first Republican presidential hopeful who can get a commitment -- even a favorable look or a winsome smile would do -- from the GOP's hottest political property, Sarah Palin, will be in a very good position. Are you listening Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitt Romney? You darn well should be. As for Sarah, keep the cell phone handy.

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