Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Letter to Fairbanks News-Miner Re: Draft Palin Movement

R. A. Dillion, who authored the piece I'm responding to below, was kind enough to put my response on his blog and forward it to the editor of the Fairbanks News-Miner for possible inclusion in that newspaper. I informed him that if our Draft Palin group is a cult, that it is very nice one indeed. You can find Mr. Dillon's blog (a good one) on my blogroll. He's recently written a column on AlaskanAbroad about Sarah's husband, Todd, going back to work for BP, with the suggestion that it might have the appearance of a "conflict of interest." I responded vigorously with a comment on his blog. See this space tomorrow for my comment. Mr. Dillon has a beautiful Siberian husky dog, and I have one living next door, Sasha.

Hello Mr. Dillon:

I read with interest your Fairbanks News-Miner piece titled "Cheers to The Cult of Palin." I have been for many months a strong supporter of Sarah Palin for Vice-President on the Republican ticket. I've spent perhaps a thousand hours on this project, and will spend a lot more time, but I don't regard myself as a member of a cult.

Instead, I'm committed to getting the very best individuals -- people who are honest, decisive, and forthright -- out front as Republican candidates. I've written many columns on "Why Sarah" on my blog: explaining why I believe Sarah is the best choice for the second spot on the Republican ticket.

At a time when the Democrats will have a woman at the head of their ticket, there are some obvious practical reasons for the Republicans, my Party, doing likewise.

As you suggest, many national writers, including Fred Barnes, Les Kinsolving (a Pultizer Prize Nominee), and SJ Reidhead, along with important regional writers like Tom Koenniger (The Columbian) and Dimitri Vassilaros (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review), agree with us. Dozens of bloggers, some of them with huge readerships, have also signed on. The Republican Governors Association has featured her on its website, and important advocates for Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani are strongly advocating that Sarah be on the ticket.

Recently, a gossip columnist in Anchorage suggested that at least one of our number must be getting "paid" by someone. Trish in Alaska ( replied that she certainly is not getting paid. No one, none of the columnists, and certainly none of the bloggers, is getting paid a nickel to advocate Sarah Palin.

Also, no one in the Palin Administration has any say in our activities. We are an independent group committed to doing what is best for our country. As for Gov. Palin's supposed lack of experience: right now, she has more executive experience than several national candidates widely regarded as viable, including Hillary Clinton.

Being a good vice-president or President is mainly a matter of character and willingness to confront tough issues, both of which Sarah has in abundance. There's no reason to believe she wouldn't do as good a job in Washington, DC as she obviously has in Juneau.

The people in Alaska generally strike us as wonderful souls. The state is playing a crucial role in the nation's struggle for energy security and environmental protection, as well as for nutritious, healthful food. Don't sell the state, or its wonderful governor, short.

If you or any of your staff would like to talk directly about this, I'm available.

Stephen R. Maloney
Ambridge, PA
National Coordination Team, Palin 4 VP

Stephen R. Maloney is a national coordinator in the Palin 4 VP effort. He has been a political activist and operative for 40 years and has written for Fortune, National Review, The American Spectator, and many other publications. Formerly a college teacher in Virginia and Georgia, as well as a speechwriter for many of America's largest corporations, he has a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from the University of Rochester.

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