Sunday, June 29, 2008

Liberal Activist Blasts Obama

A woman in California wrote the following on a Yahoo Group. It's passionate.

You know, Erin, this [complaining to Obama Campaign) is not going to stop Obama and his bots from being rude. They think it is cute or funny. I've never seen such disrespect in my life and I would expect more from a man 46 years old. I honestly believe it is part of the disrespect of the rap crowd, and remember, one of those preacher asses of Obama's is called the rapper pastor or some idiotic name like that.

Instead of teaching children in that church that putting down white people or Jews is disrespectful and will not be tolerated, they actually laugh. It's not just blacks who do this -- white kids do it too and if their parents are immature like Obama, I suppose they do it too. It's about lack of respect. If parents are not teaching their children not to be that way -- and if the parents are getting """off""" on it which Obama definitely does and his wife seems to be just as bad if not worse, then this is perpetuating this type of behavior.

I remember watching a news program one night when someone said to turn it on (only time I turn on tv news is someone tells me to and I'm usually sorry afterwards) and an older black woman was appalled by Wright and the other preacher. She said that almost worse than what they were saying, and more alarming, were the people in the background standing up and laughing and cheering.

Didn't we see that when Obama did the shoulder cooooooooooooool brush off. It is not cool. It is disrespectful and this started at the very top with Obama himself. Then we see all the idiots (and I do mean IDIOTS) in the background applauding and carrying on like juveniles.

How on earth can a true democrat vote for this type of racist, disrespectful ass?
Even Wright said that white brains and black brains are different. Do you see how this is "IN YOUR FACE" attitude. It's like saying F*** YOU white people -- our brains are different so don't you dare tell our kids to sit in their seats. Never mind, there are all colors of hyperactive kids who need to learn respect and sitting in their seats. He is giving black kids an out to act this way.

Obama has learned well from his racist preachers. God help us.

You see, they are teaching their young to be in our faces rather than learning the value of respect and kindness.

It's abusive. And yet Democrats themselves (even ones who were for Hillary) are overlooking this. I DO NOT WANT THIS MAN-CHILD IN THE WHITE HOUSE. I do not want him to be the example to my grandchildren. The anger and the chosen outlet to unleash that anger in very immature and nasty ways worries the hell out of me - and that is what that church teaches, and that is what we see from Obama and his bots.

By Shar, a liberal activist and Hillary Supporter in California

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Average American said...

Just one more example of the cult activity that Nobamas people have been engaging in since day one. Who does he think he is, the f***ing Pied Piper? What a windbag.
Even Republican blacks say they will probably vote for him, not because he's black they say, but because this is an historic event----bullshit!! How can anyone believe that when 90% of the black votes went to him, that it wasn't racist?? How loud would his screams have been if Clintonhad gotten 90% of the white votes?