Thursday, June 5, 2008

American Politics: What's Really Happening

By 4:30 p.m. today ET I'd had 259 visitors (wow) and nearly 400 hits. The old record was 257. You may just have set the new one. Thanks. I do believe you can find information here that isn't available elsewhere. The beautiful woman below (Sarah Palin) might just be America's first woman President.
Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska with husband Todd and newborn son "Trig"

Will you be reading about any of this on the national media? Nope. Please tell your friends and family that this site exists . . . Thanks . . .

The McCain Campaign: Early in the game, the campaign is not exactly a "well-oiled machine." It is still having problems raising the necessary funds. The Senator still needs a top-flight speechwriter (I've suggested myself, since I've written successfully for CEOs at 10 of America's top 50 companies). Some of the people on the McCain payroll proceed under the illusion that they can ask congressional candidates for support -- without providing them them with the same. That will never, ever happen. Things will get better, mainly because they must. Good news? The unofficial campaign is proceeding very well, picking up tens of thousands of supporters. Please join that unofficial efforts at

Congressional Candidates: If the McCain Campaign has difficulties, the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) is a disaster. It's under the leadership of Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole, who has a defeatist mentality. The NRCC sees its major function as pouring millions into candidates who shouldn't be running for office in the first place. They delight in financing candidates who should be able to generate their own money. There will have to be changes in the leadership of the NRCC -- and, frankly, the RNC (Republican National Committee). Those changes will take place shortly after November 4, 2008.

Sarah Palin for V-P Effort: This is very much a good news story. Sarah Palin probably has a 50-50 chance of getting the V-P nod from John McCain. Almost two years ago, Adam Brickley, a 21-year-old college student in Colorado Springs started the "Draft Palin" movement. I was the second person Adam signed up, and I worked my tail off to bring more people on board. At first, Adam -- a model of what tenacious activism can accomplish -- had to explain to people who Gov. Palin was. Now, in the past two weeks, many important bloggers have endorsed Sarah (including "Flap," The Anchoress, The Catskill Commentator, and numerous others). Yesterday, Adam's site -- -- received 5,000 hits, a monumental number. (It took this site a year-and-a-half to get 35,000 hits. If you want to support Sarah -- and many of you do -- go to MSNBC's "Veepstakes" site and vote for her in the cable channel's "Veepstakes."

The Hillary Clinton Soap Opera: It was Sigmund Freud who posed the famous question: "What does a woman want?" On my Hillary Supporters for McCain site, I attempt daily to figure out what's on Mrs. Clinton's mind. This Saturday she's supposedly going to endorse Barack Obama in a display of "party unity." I'll believe it when I see it. Senator Clinton has repeatedly made the point that point that Obama is not "ready" (i.e., qualified) to be President. Is something going to change in the next few days to make him ready? Please visit my Hillary site for updates on the continuing political soap opera.

"Operation Pennsylvania": On my Pennsylvania blog, I'm doing my darndest to get people around the nation (and the world) to "adopt" some outstanding Pennsylvania congressional candidates. The effort is expanding beyond Pennsylvania (see below), and I'm getting help from many significant bloggers around the country, including Kathy Morrison (NH), Sharon Caliendo (OK), Jean Avery (Washington), Rajan Vaish (computer genius from India), Jim Fryar (Australian mining engineer), Brad Marston (MA), Beth Cleavere (AL), Ted Mol (MA), Tym Machine (Montreal) and numerous others. Pennsylvania is going to be a major battleground state in the presidential and congressional elections. (I'll write more soon about the "internationalizing" of the McCain effort.)

Dana Walsh "Adoption" Campaign: In San Francisco, two of the candidates for the congressional seat there are Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi, the twin "Witches of the West." The Republican candidate is Dana Walsh, and she need your backing, your prayers . . . and your money (small amounts or large). Please visit her web site at:
The material you're going to see here is unlike any you'll see on other blogs. The national media? It's hopeless, providing little insight into what's happening in America. Remember, your contribution to congressional candidate Dana Walsh can strike a blow for the real America.


Ted said...

Bottom line, with Palin as VP, McCain WINS.

Without Palin, McCain likely does not win.

Case closed.

Ted said...

Q&A How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters? Answer: PALIN Veep!