Monday, March 17, 2008

You Can Join Team McCain!

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) I'll give my thoughts on what I think Barack Obama will say in his "major speech" in Philadelphia about race in America. Short form: I expect the usual "deep baritone filibuster," loaded with self-serving rhetoric. Rev. Wright's anti-American statements are similar to many Obama heard -- and probably internalized -- in his years at Harvard (where Michelle also attended). He will talk about his "love" for America, but I fear the country he loves is one most of us wouldn't recognize.

If you'd like to get up-to-minute statements from the McCain Campaign, you can do by e-mailing your own e-mail address to: Patrick Hynes is one of John McCain's most important political operatives and a very fine human being. If you have a blog or groups (or an e-mail list), please tell people how they can contact Patrick to get the latest words from the McCain effort. Thanks.

I'd like to ask every visitor here to join me as a member of the online group of McCain supporters. You can do so by going to: You'll be asked to contribute $10, every dimes of which will go to the McCain effort to win the presidency. Thanks.

As national polls suggest, John McCain can win the election in November, 2008. However, to ensure victory McCain is going to need a massive effort online. That's where you come in. If you have a blog, or are a member of a mail Group (Yahoo or Google), or have an email list of friends and associates, you can influence the political decisions of others.

If people know you strongly support John McCain, they're more likely to do so themselves. In short, don't hide your political allegiances! Tell others exactly where you stand.

Obviously, John McCain is a great campaigner -- in good times and in bad. But the results of the 2008 election will depend on his getting support from his millions of admirers, that is, people like you and me. McCain has devoted his entire adult life to serving his country, and we can surely devote a relative few hours of time to returning the favor -- and making John the President of the U.S. Godspeed John!

(Tomorrow, I'll have an important essay about simplifying the Republican message in ways that will make it compelling to voters. Your comments are always welcome.)

By the way, you're cordially invited to vist my other blog, one committed to discussing the political situation in my home state of Pennsylvania. Go to:

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