Saturday, March 22, 2008


Note: I’ve borrowed some concepts from the following article:

The saddest and cruelest part [of the book Dreams of My Father] he leaves for his grandmother. In his speech, he criticizes her for “stereotypes. He also says his grandmother once told him she was afraid of black MEN she passed on the street. In his book DREAMS, Page 88, he refers to this incident, but it’s MUCH DIFFERENT [FROM[ HOW HE DESCRIBED [IT] IN HIS SPEECH!

He overhears his grandparents [talking] and walks in and asks his grandmother what’s wrong. She says “a man asked me for money yesterday, while I was waiting for the bus.”

Obama asks “that’s all?”. She says, her lips pursed with irritation, “He was very aggressive. Very Aggressive. I gave him a dollar and he kept asking [for more]. If the bus hadn’t come, I think he might have hit me over the head”

Then, Obama walks into the other room where his grandfather has gone and tells him “it’s probably a little scary for her, seeing some big man block her way….”


Obama says on Page 88 he learned the harasser was black from his Grandfather – NOT HIS GRANDMOTHER.

In his speech, Obama implied his grandmother, who consistently demonstrated her “love” for her grandson was somehow racist, a Kansas rube. However, that is not at all the implication we get from the book.

In the speech, he “uses” his grandmother to balance against Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In fact, the difference is that the grandmother is a traditional American – and something of an heroic figure. Her main offense in Obama’s mind seems to be that she’s white. Supposedly a critic of racial stereotypes, he relentlessly stereotypes his grandparents. The real "racist" turns out to be Barack Obama.

His point in the speech seems to be: “Hey, I tolerated my white racist grandparents, so why can’t I tolerate my Black racist preacher?” The problem is that the grandparents, whatever human imperfections they might have had, were NOT racist. Rev. Wright, who should know better, is. Obama is protecting himself politically at the expense of his loving grandparents, and it stinks.

I urge everyone to read both Dreams of My Father and The Audacity of Hope. They reveal a much different Obama than the one he seeks to present in his speeches.

And a few more words in response to Sanity102's comments below . . .

Malia: As usual, I think you're right on target with your comments..

Okay, the first 100 pages of Dreams of My Father show Obama as a man who sees EVERYTHING through the prism of race. It's downright scary. No wonder he admires Pastor Wright.

I can't imagine the reason for the animosity toward his grandparents -- and also toward his mother, Anna Dunham. His view seems to be that the grandparents MUST be racists because they're from Kansas. Sickening.

In both books, he shows a lack of respect for his mother, who married an African Muslim and an Indonesian Muslim. If her parents were racist, which they were NOT, how does he explain Anna, the least racially intolerant person in Hawaii, a racially diverse state?

As for John McCain, I agree that the hand of God is at work. Even Democrats identify with the guy. The only people who dislike him for being a "maverick" are about a half-dozen talk show hacks. On the Pennsylvania site, I talk about the latest polls, which show McCain way ahead in this supposedly Blue state.

Nearly half the PA Hillary voters say that if Obama gets the nomination, they will vote for McCain. Obama now looks like very much a mere mortal.

If Hillary beats him as badly in PA as I think she will, the SuperDelegates are going to get very, very nervous. I expect Hillary will cut Obama's delegate lead in half in the combined PA, KY, and IN primaries.


Sanity102 said...

I have long said that there were two things that HAD to be dealt with if we, as a nation, was going to survive.

1- The media and their grab for power. Over 60 years ago, two women tried to rule Hollywood with their columns, the media on BOTH the Left and the Right has tried to do the same with the government. THIS election has proven that people eventually get tired of the manipulation. A free thinking society is NOT a great place for tyranny, emotional or physical.

2- The whole victimization, most especially the race card was REALLY getting tiresome. Obama's lecture finally got enough people to say enough.

As I've said in my blog, perhaps there is the strange finger of God in all this. How else can one explain a man who had so little support a few months ago running around the world looking like the next president of the world's sole super power?

Average American said...

John McCain will win the election in November with 60% of the popular vote. You heard that here first!!


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Malia: I put my response to your comment in the blog. Joe, I also believe McCain has a chance to win big. Reagan beat Mondale by 59% to 41%, losing just one state (Mondale's Minnesota). A critical point is for McCain to appeal directly to the nation's 25 million veterans (and their families). If he does so, he might win by the margin you suggest. He needs to choose a strong vice-presidential nominee, one who will have his or her own strong appeal to Americans. I am blogging on three states now (and want to turn two ofthem over to someone else). Those sites are:,, and I live in PA but have quite a bit of knowledge about adjoining states. McCain can win the three states I mentioned, but as I said, appealing to veterans is the key.

Average American said...

A real strong showing among veterans (and active military)could swing a few states that the pundits aren't even considering. They are calling N.H. a possible red state this year. HA! It will definitely be red.

Michigan and Florida should be so pissed off at the dems that they boycott in November. Wouldn't surprise me a bit!

What did you think about that BRAVE Clinton, dodging bullets in Bosnia to get more foreign policy experience? What a BRAVE woman! And they have the balls to say that "I mis-spoke". If it quacks like a duck.........Mis-spoke=LIED!

Damn those liberals are gullible! They actually believe the crap she and Obama feed them. HEY BLEEDING HEARTS------I got a bridge for sale cheap!