Friday, March 7, 2008


My friend Cindy in New Mexico, whose main blog is ThePinkFlamingo, one of the most popular sites on the Net, has written a remarkable essay recommending that John McCain choose as his vice-presidential nominee Govenor Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska. Her essay appeared at, and the link is here. I urge everyone to go to the essay and leave a comment.
As you may know, Gov. Palin, who celebrated her 44th birthday on Feb. 11, recently announced that she is 7 months pregnant, news that amazed everyone, including her staff. Cindy's argument is that her pregnancy should make her an even more attractive V-P nominee. Sarah now has four children, including a boy, Track, who's an infantry soldier in the U.S. Army.
I've reprinted Cindy's essay following this paragraph. I'll comment on it at the end of this column. I hope you'll read the material below, because it's some of the most important that's ever appeared on this blog.

Why Isn't New Mommy Sarah Palin Qualified To Be Vice President?
By S. J. Reidhead
Right now you are very fortunate that I have given up profanity for Lent. While I was reading my usual sources this morning, low and behold I discovered a certain conservative male on a very reasonable site which is political but fair to both sides of the aisle. I must also add that it is one of my ‘must read’ sites every day.
Oy (and that’s not profanity)...Lo and hehold (no profanity please), some Neanderthal wrote on the site that Sarah Palin, the very competent and very pregnant (seven months) governor of Alaska is probably out of the running for VP because she will be a new Mommy and would probably want to stay home with baby (no profanity please – it’s Lent)!
I must also disclose that I am a fan of Governor Palin and have advocated for her potential as a VP right here at Blogcritics.If Governor Palin were a new, first-time Mommy I might give some credence to that mindset simply because she would need time to get adjusted to the whole situation.

But Governor Palin is expecting her fifth – count ‘em – fifth child. Sarah and Todd’s oldest son Track is 18 and serving our country. Their daughters are Bristol, 17, Willow, 13, and Piper, 6. I think Governor Palin’s been there and done that. Considering her age, she has had all the proper tests and everything evidently looks very good. She even knows the gender of the baby but is not telling. She knows what she is doing.
What better way for my beloved GOP to show how beautifully modern and progressive we truly are than to facilitate and encourage John McCain, our nominee, to select Sarah Palin as his choice for Vice President?

Baby Palin is not expected to make an appearance until mid-May, which is plenty of time for Mommy and baby to bond.Proclaimed “America’s Hottest Governor” by an understandably prejudiced Alaska Magazine, Palin is the perfect choice for VP.

Not only is she conservative, she is considered a “maverick” which would make her and GOP nominee John McCain a highly compatible duo. She was born in 1964 which would add just the right May/December touch to McCain’s seasoned 71.

Not only would she bring a much needed bundle of joy to the ticket, she would also bring her 90% approval rating along with her!What could be better? It is quite obvious we Republicans are going to have a serious financial deficit to deal with when it comes to fund raising. If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, he has nearly a hundred million dollar financial advantage over John McCain. Can you imagine the publicity her selection would generate? We’re talking F-R-E-E publicity, fawning and gurgling over a brand new baby Palin.

This is like one of those Ronco infomercials. It gets even better. Not only do you get ‘The Hottest Governor in the US’ with her 90% approval rating AND all that FREE publicity, you get even more. This is two for one here. Wait — not only is it two for one with Mommy and Baby, but you get even more — more, I tell you!

For just the addition of Sarah and Baby Palin you get the added advantage of completely mutilating the feminist movement!If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, Sarah Palin counters any feminist appeal Hillary Clinton might have. Having her on our ticket reeks of equal rights for all.

If Barack Obama is the nominee, just having Baby Palin on board helps cut into all his millions upon millions of dollars he can spend on advertising. If the Democrats manage to provide every Republican with their fantasy of a brokered convention with Al Gore waiting to step in as an alternative candidate, Sarah Palin can go to battle against his insane environmental policies.

You want family values? She has it.You want patriotism? She has it. Track Palin enlisted in the Army. He wants to head to Iraq. You want a ‘maverick’? She has it. She took out Alaska’s corrupt power structure.She doesn’t like special interests. She is something of an idealist. She has enough executive experience to appear young and fresh to counter anything the Obama campaign might throw at John McCain. She is a champion of ethics reform.

Have I mentioned that she is young (44) and pretty? Unfortunately, there are those, liberal and conservative alike, who now think just because the woman is pregnant she is disqualified to become the Vice President of the United States of America! Can you image such a Neanderthal thought process? (I want to apologize to any Neanderthal who might be offended by this politically incorrect slur upon their mental capacity.)

In a world where working mothers are celebrated (I personally stand with Dr. Laura on the subject), but want to be near baby, what could be a better arrangement? Surely my Republican counterparts cannot object to a VP discretely nursing a cute little baby in her EOB VP suite. Who could possibly complain if she brought baby to work? After all, a VP is whatever the President wants her to be.

Let’s follow the thought process here. We have new mommies who go off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. No one says they can’t do that. Women have babies every day, and go back to work in situations where they must either put their children in day care, or leave them entirely to the graces of lest than optimal situations.

This would not be the situation with Baby Palin. The little tyke would have every advantage any baby in the world would have. He or she would be the most publicized baby since the birth of Prince William. The child would be a super-star, sucking up every iota of good will and free publicity a cash-starved Republican campaign needs.

Honestly, this would be enough to give any pregnant parent pause. Would Sarah and Todd Palin want to subject a new baby to this sort of publicity? We can only hope they will answer in the affirmative. After all, they’ve done a very good job of balancing politics and family thus far. Why not take it a step farther?

Seriously, as a woman and a loyal Republican, I find the very though that a woman who has recently given birth being excluded from the VP list insulting. Unless something goes wrong with the the whole process there is no reason for Sarah Palin not to be considered for such a position.

Who said a new mommy cannot be Vice President of the United States of America?

Steve says: The best site to learn more about Gov. Sarah Palin is at: It's the blog "home" of Adam Brickley, a 20-year-old college student in Colorado Springs who founded the Draft Palin Movement, one that's been incredibly successful in generating positive publicity for Mrs. Palin.
I've written many essays about Gov. Palin, who is one of the very few political figures who could provide real help to John McCain in his efforts to win the presidency. Sarah Palin has a great chance, in 2012 or 2016, to become America's first female President. By the way, she's the only current U.S. governor who has a child in the military.


Anonymous said...

I think Gov. Palin would be an excellent VP pick for McCain if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee, but less so than if Hillary Clinton is the nominee.

The major criticism against Palin would be her relative lack of experience, but if the opposing ticket is headed by a 1st term Senator, that argument is moot. Furthermore, with the Democrats fairly polarized at the moment, Palin on the Republican ticket would attract a number of jilted Clinton supporters who just want to stick it to Obama.

Anonymous said...

In my comment above I meant to say that I though A McCain/Palin ticket would be a more attractive option vs. Obama than vs. Clinton. I think I expressed it incorrectly in my opening paragraph.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I agree with the points you make. I strongly believe Sarah would be an outstanding campaigner in a general election. She is going to be President of the U.S. at some point -- and the sooner the better (probably 2016). I think it's likely that McCain will be elected President, but it will be a battle royal. The experience factor hurts Obama, but the Rev. Wright association hurts him more.


Anonymous said...

First off, how can anyone honestly think that Sarah Palin could be VP? and to go even further and say she will most likely be president...Both are ridiculous. Sarah Palin has to be one of the fakest, showiest people I have ever seen. Everything she says and does is "for the Alaskans". This is all BS and I know everyone is sick of hearing this. Also, all Palin does is look for attention. The fact that she is pregnant is disgusting. (By the way, can her childrens names be any dumber, please?) Since Palin did not tell that she was pregnant until she was almost 7 months along is typical of her. All she was doing was trying to find a new way to gain attention. She is pathetic and irresponsible. Everyone only likes her because she is seen as "the hot governor". (once again...attention..) If you look at her, she is not even pretty. Her hair is gross, her teeth are atrocious, and everytime I see a picture of her, I cringe. So next time you go to say how beautiful she is, take a closer look.

Also, did anyone see Channel 2 news on Monday at 5:30. Palin looked like she was wearing a fat suit. She did not look pregnant anymore, just unhealthy, and obese. Not to mention, her glasses were absoultely awful.
Good going Palin, you did get more attention. Just not the kind you wanted.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is jealous to me. All you did was barade her on her looks. Compensating for something? I would think so. Have you ever actually seen Sarah Palin in person? I didn't think so... She is gorgous, I don't know many women her age who are naturally beautiful. It just doesn't happen anymore. We were going to find out she was pregnant eventually, say maybe when there was a new baby. She was already in the public spotlight. How could she gain anymore attention from announcing her pregnancy? The only thing that is pathetic here is that post you made.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

"Barade" is not a word in English. There are many beautiful women around, and Sarah Palin is one of them. Go away and stay away.

Anonymous said...

Time for a Poll in the "Palin for VP World".


A) A government worker in Juneau who doesn't want to give up her cushy job if Palin convinves Alaskans to move the capital, or

B) A Democratic Party operative from the Hillary camp who doesn't want any competition from another woman on the horizon, or

C) Daughter of a big oil exec. who has been bitching and moaning about Sarah taking away the ridiculously low tax rates that they got from greasing the previous government, or

D) FUB who is jealous of Palin's success AND beauty who just can't accept the fact that many of us men think she's hot, or

E) Aborted her child after the baby was diagnosed with DS.

So let the voting begin.