Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sarah Palin & the Draft Sarah Movement

Here's my response to a very talented graphic artist (a Huckabee backer) about what the "Draft Palin" Movement is up to and my role in it. I did some "trolling" among Huckabee supporters, and it was an exhilarating experience. Mike should be proud of his bloggers.

Hi Jered:

No one in the Draft Palin movement is paid or reimbursed in any way. One person in our group (an Alaskan) was involved in Mrs. Palin's gubernatorial campaign.

Sarah has done nothing to discourage the Draft Movement, but even if she did, we'd probably continue as is. (We're stubborn!)

The best way to learn more about Sarah Palin is to read the Fred Barnes (The Weekly Standard) and Dimitri Vassilaros (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) articles (both linked on my blog), along with the Wikipedia piece on Sarah. Wik is not always a great source for learning about a candidate, but in this case the article is a good one. Sarah's life truly is an open book. In her closet, you'll find only clothes -- no skeletons.

The reason for her "running" (right now, she's more "standing back and watching" than "running") for V-P is that it's a critical position -- and one Republcans have not done a good job with over the years. (Nixon ended up becoming President, then getting impeached and resigning; Agnew resigned because of corruption; others (Dan Quayle) were not exactly great credits to the position. Still others (Cheney, Henry Cabot Lodge, Bill Miller, Jack Kemp) had no political future.

Somehow, I think people like you and me could have done a better job choosing the candidates.

Many of us believe that one candidate on his own cannot beat Hillary Clinton. Her two huge victories in New York state, a much more diverse place than most Americans think, can't be discounted. It will take a dynamic and diverse team to defeat Mrs. Clinton.

We see Sarah as an absolutely remarkable woman, the most popular and effective elected official in any state. If the Democrats had anyone like her -- and they don't -- she'd be up there on stage with Senators Clinton and Obama.

In contrast, there's a Republican tradition -- an unfortunate one that favors old, white males for high office -- that works against someone like Sarah. (I'm an older white male, so I can say such an outrageous thing and get away with it.) We want to overcome that bad tradition.

No one in the Palin Movement wants to "make money" off it -- or pursue some sort of ego trip. If Sarah makes it to DC, which I believe she will, I'd be delighted to assist in any way I could, but I'm not looking to get anything special out of this effort. When she's selected as the V-P nominee, we will be volunteers in the combined effort.

We believe strongly that Sarah will become the first female vice president. We also believe that by 2016 or so, she will make a terrific candidate for President -- if the Republican Party and its presidential candidate make sound assessments of her potential and electability.

In a state synonymous with political corruption, Alaska, Sarah has earned a reputation for total honesty, candor, and selflessness. As I've said of her before, she is fresh and everyone else is tired.

I hope you'll join us in this effort!

You can find a great deal of additional information about Sarah on my blog columns and in the links. Go to: http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com/.

Stephen R. Maloney
Ambridge, PA

P.S. This past Saturday, I was on Political Pistachio radio speaking about Sarah's candidacy. It's available on archive at: http://politicalpistachio.blogspot.com/.

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