Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bloggers 4 Palin: Making History

In the past two days, we've had three new bloggers join the "4 palin" group, and they're listed on my blogroll. See Kerry (OneMom) (Kerry), dox^2 (doxdox), and Chip (sandbox), our first military blogger -- but not by any means our last. Please leave the newbies a welcoming comment on their blogs.

Also, much of the success of the Palin Movement comes from the tireless efforts of Elephantman, whom people used to call 'crazy," but who now looks crazy-like-a-fox. He reached out to palintologist (http://palintologist.com/, a person with superb blogging skills, and she's now a key player in this effort.

Our goals are "modest" (ha!): to transform the world in a positive way. If not now, when? If not us, who? Carpe diem ("seize the day").

There's an old saying: "If you don't like the world, change it." We're doing just that. People like Sarah have an aversion to just playing politics. In essence, she told Fred Barnes that God put her on earth to do good things, and she's proceeding aggressively based on that understanding. Imagine that, a politician who actually believes in serving the public!

The people on the blogroll are making a powerful, compelling case for Sarah Palin. Believe me, this is a fact not lost on individuals at the Republican National Committee and important figures in the presidential campaigns. In short, there are other voices out there in addition to Fred Barnes and us who are talking up the necessity of getting Sarah on the ticket.

Some of the bloggers listed to the right don't have the "4 palin" designation, but everyone on the blogroll is friendly to the Sarah Palin effort, including Madeline's Dad (http://wherearemykeys.townhall.com/ ), who has made significant contributions to this movement, including getting Hugh Hewitt to mention Sarah. When you get a chance, give a nod to "Mad's Dad."

Blacktygrrr (Eric) will have a column tomorrow (I think) on Sarah. I'll have a link to it when he posts.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, Sarah Palin will be President of the United States. However, before she gets to "Point A" (the presidency), she'll have to get to "Point B," the vice-presidency. Right before your eyes, you're starting to see this historical process begin to unfold. Talk about fun times!

Stephen R. Maloney

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