Monday, July 9, 2007

Gov. Sarah Palin: A Brief Intro.

Thanks to Kerry (see OneMom on blogroll) for joining the Sarah for VP effort. She sent me the following note Monday a.m.: "Good morning Steve ... I am writing to encourage you in your efforts to bring Sarah Palin to the national spotlight, and ultimately to the Republican Ticket in 2008 in the role of VP. I am officially joining you today in the 4Palin campaign. I have linked to your blog on my page and will be opening a new category on my blog to post information and updates about Gov. Palin. I know you realize that most of my writing time is spent on the Huckabee campaign (A Huckabee/Palin ticket in 2008 would be dynamic and unstoppable!), but will keep my readers updated on the 4 Palin efforts and hopefully get some more people taking a look at this amazing Governor." I hope all of you will visit Kerry's site and give her a salute. She's a person dedicated to family and faith -- and Mike Huckabee, a fine man who is making inroads with his campaign, is lucky to have people like her in his corner.

Basic Facts About Sarah Palin

Name: Pronounced Pale-in
Age: 43 (youngest Alaska Governor and first female)
Governor's Race: Defeated incumbent Republican Frank Murkowski in primary and then former governor (Democrat) Tony Knowles in general
Home: Wasilla, Alaska (outside Anchorage)
Husband: Todd Palin, commercial fisherman and North Slope oil worker
Children: 4, boy (Track) and 3 girls (Bristol, Piper, and Willow)
College: Degree in Journalism from University of Idaho
Economic views: libertarian, pro-growth, with tinge of Alaska populism
Social views: conservative -- pro-life and lifetime member of NRA
Religion: non-denominational Christian
Approval Rating: Recently, 90%

If you want to learn more and just have five minutes, go to:

If you want to learn still more, go to Fred Barnes's article in The Weekly Standard ("The Most Popular Governor"), available on: (scroll down to July 8 entry). The Wikipedia and Barnes pieces provide a basic understanding of who Sarah is and what she's about.

If you want to learn more about Sarah and Alaska-related issues, go to the Palintology site and to:

Various bloggers (see my blogroll) have written on Sarah. In addition to the site you're on (with many articles), you might go to: (scroll down for "The White Queen") and to (scroll down on this site for some excellent columns in June and July about Sarah)

On my old Townhall site, there are some striking pictures of Sarah, her family, and her supporters. Go to: (site is now inactive)

The Anchorage Daily News and the Fairbanks News-Miner (see links on blogroll) provide daily coverage of Gov. Palin.

If you would like to join Bloggers 4 Palin or subscribe to the newsletter, please leave your e-mail address on the comments section. We are seeking 100 bloggers by Labor Day and at least 1,000 by Super Tuesday (Feb. 5, 2008). We are asking all Republican presidential candidates to name Sarah as their prospective running mate.

This is a pure grass-roots effort, and it has no financial backing or direction from Gov. Palin or her representatives.

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