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Battle Royal: Kats v. Schwartz

Question of the Day: If it's okay for Barack Obama to get 90% of the Black vote, why isn't it okay for Hillary (or McCain) to get 90% of the white vote? [There will be a new question of the day every, well, day]

Marina Kats, an emigrant from Russia who bleeds red, white, and blue. She's running hard for Congress in PA's 17th CD.

Some of the most important congressional races in the country are taking place this year in Pennsylvania. This column about Republican Marina Kats versus Democrat Allyson Schwartz originally appeared on my PennsylvaniaforJohnMcCain blog, which I invite you to visit. If the beauteous and fierce Marina can build NATIONAL support, she will win (much to most people's amazement). You go, girl!

This column deals mainly with Republican Marina Kats's race against incumbent Allyson Schwartz in PA's 13th congressional district (Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia).
Unfortunately, Ms. Schwartz and her staff have a reputation for being among the nastiest, most self-absorbed people in Washington. I'll provide illustrations below.
She raises huge (really, really huge) amounts of money -- a total of $7 million-plus in her last two campaign cycles. . How does she generate so much campaign cash? In the usual way, by selling out to every special interest group and radical individual that wave bagfuls of cash at her. Go to and put in the name "Schwartz" to find out what segments are buying Schwartz's affection this year. Make no mistake about it: Schwartz gets most of her money from the 20% of Democrats who tell pollsters they hope that America loses the war in Iraq.
Seventy years ago Allyson Schwartz's mother fled the Nazi onslaught in Austria and came to America. One would imagine that Allyson would have a good grasp on the concept of evil. However, her namby pamby approach to dealing with al Qaeda and terrorism shows she's much better at reading polls than she is looking into "the heart of darkness." Her idea of defending this country consists mainly of uttering slurs against George W. Bush. She has no strategy for protecting the nation against Islamic radicals.
The good news is that Schwartz will be facing her toughest opponent ever, attorney Marina Kats, an Abingdon, PA attorney. Marina is a patriot who loves her country, qualities that are not Schwartz's strong point. Sadly, even before Kats got the official nomination, Schwartz and her minions were throwing mud. I expect Kats can win the coming donnybrook, but there will be nothing easy about it.

Earlier, I called Schwartz one of the nastiest people in DC. For example, when Marina Kats became the presumptive nominee, Schwartz's mouthpiece, Rachel Magnuson, said the congresswoman welcomes the opportunity to compare her own professional record with Ms. Kats's.

That will be difficult because Kats's professional record consists of being a highly successful lawyer and entrepreneur, a living embodiment of The American Dream. Schwartz's record consists of being a government employee for 30 years.

Spokeswoman Magnuson added, "Congresswoman Schwartz is a fighter on behalf of middle class families." Oh really? Actually, Rep. Schwartz voted to end the Bush tax cuts, an action that would harm families in the lowest tax bracket by increasing their income taxes by 50%. In Cincinatti recently, Schwartz admitted that her tax views, coupled with "Hillarycare," which she supports, would raise the taxes of the average Montgomery County family by $3,000 annually.

Somehow this supposed "fighter on behalf of middle-class families" thinks that raising their taxes is somehow a beneficial act. Raising taxes and then using the money for government handouts designed to gain votes aren't exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

Ms. Magnuson continued that Schwartz is committed to "making sure the streets are safe from crime." She added, according to the Philadelphia Bulletin, that Schwartz "should do well against someone 'who has made her money being an immigration and criminal defense lawyer.'"

In other words, voters are somehow supposed to hold it against Marina that she's had a real job in the private sector -- as compared to Schwartz, who has spent a lifetime feeding from the public trough. (Schwartz's husband is a wealthy cardiologist, a profession that will benefit financially from Hillary Clinton's healthcare plan.)

In terms of crime, under Schwartz's watch, it has gone up in the Philadelphia area like a rocket. Schwartz is not "for" crime -- she just has no idea what to do about it, aside from regularly chucking the ACLU under the chin.

More to come this weekend on the Schwartz-Kats race, one of the most important not only in Pennsylvania but also the nation. If Marina wins on Election Day -- and be prepared to stay up late -- it will be a sign the country has returned to its senses.

If you'd like to contribute to Marina Kats's campaign -- and I hope you will -- the best way to do so now is to send a check made out to "Kats For Congress" to the following address:

Kats for Congress
PO Box 91
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

The race between these two candidates reflects the critical choices that face Americans this year. I hope you'll bookmark this site and return. See below for biographical information on Marina.
Who exactly is
Marina Kats? She's an attorney and entrepreneur from Abingdon, Pennsylvania. She was named one of the "50 Best Business Women in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" by former Governor Tom Ridge. An immigrant from Russia, Kats is a board member of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Philadelphia. She serves as an overseer of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Philadelphia. She serves on the Board of Overseers of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network as is Vice President of Temple University's Presidential Advisory Board and serves on the Temple University School of Law Alumni Board. Kats is the current President of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. She's the mother of two daughters
If you'd like to learn about three other dynamic congressional candidates, Melissa Hart (4th District), Toni Gilhooley (17th District), and Mike Livingston (2d district) please visit their sites: These fine people need your support . . .

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